About Us

Our Founder


Andrea, a native of Denham Springs, LA, moved to Dallas in 2013. It was within
the first two years of her move that ConqHer was revealed to her. As she

“I was in a new place, a big city, degreed, and jobless. I spent a lot of quiet time to find direction from God on what was my purpose”.

Andrea later started working for the Marriot Foundation with the Bridges
program, which helps disabled youth find employment and learn job
development skills. Andrea loves her work but felt that there was a
demographic that needed the same resources and more; Women & Girls.

What’s My Why?

I was once that girl that needed to Conqher the odds! As a teen I did not
have that person to help guide me through those fragile years of being a
teenager to becoming a woman. This meant I’ve made a lot of mistakes; I’ve
had to figure it out on my own. My mission is to be that person for the girls
and women we connect with. We can be that safe place, we can answer the
questions, and when we can’t, we will help find you the resources that can.


ConqHer is driven by mentorship and knowledge empowerment; we believe every girl and woman can succeed by providing them positive examples of who or what they aspire to be, knowledge on how to get there, and the confidence to pursue their goals.